Archived Articles: July, 2008

Amazing Houses: 6 Crazy Condos & Curious Townhouses

Think all condos and townhouses have to be plain, boring boxes? Think again. These unusual condos and townhouses redefine urban living spaces.

Dark Arts: The Work of 10 Talented Night Photographers

Photography is a skill that is difficult to master, but professional and artistic night photographers have their own unique challenges to face.

Banksy Off the Walls: Photos, Prints, Tattoos & Fan Art

Some of the many photo, print, and tattoo works that have become so highly sought-after as Banksy's popularity increases daily and people seek out his art ...

15 (More) Creative Works of Steampunk Art, Design & Fashion

Steampunk has gone from an obscure science fiction genre to a style all of its own. Here are some creative Steampunk artworks, fashion designs and other ...

20 (More) Astonishing Abandoned Buildings, Property & Places

Incredible photographs of abandoned places including psychiatric hospitals, theme parks, research facilities and a nuclear missile silo.

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Funky Furnitures: 20 Clever Living Room Furniture Designs

From geeky coffee tables to cryptic entertainment systems here are some truly creative and unique dining room furnitures, furniture designs and furniture sets.

Stunning Houses: 7 Precarious Mountain & Cliff Dwellings

Some of the world's most precarious houses and villages perched on mountains and cliffs - don't step too close to the edge.

Banksy Art: Street Graffiti, Paper Drawings & Wall Stencils

Some of the many works of prolific street artist Banksy in the media of graffiti, stencils, and drawings.

Moving Architecture: 12 Unbelievable Buildings in Motion

Fantastic feats of ingenuity and structural engineering that range from pragmatic to artistic building moving and moving buildings.

Sandcraft: 10 Amazing Sand Artists with Awesome Artwork

These ten amazing artists have incredible works they have created using nothing but sand and water, some of which will wash away in the tide, so see them fast!

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