Archived Articles: November, 2008

30 Colorful Works of Monochromatic Photography

Variety in color can be amazing, but pushing a single color can be even more. Here are some eyeopening monochromatic shots in red, blue, green, purple, orange, ...

20 Artistic Wall-Warping Architectural Optical Illusions

Seeing is believing... or is it? These architectural optical illusions constitute very public ways to fool the eye, please the mind and satisfy the soul.

Out-of-the-Box Sculptures: 5 Amazing Cardboard Artists

Cardboard art can be sustainable or simply structurally challenging - or anything in between. These artists warp a generic material to create magnificent works.

15 Crazy Modern Stairs & Creative Staircase Designs

Some seriously extreme examples of staircases that go far beyond the basic, entering the realm of modern art.

Light Graffiti Artists: Exclusive Interview with MRI

With tons of energy, some fresh ideas and a willingness to play around and be goofy, the photography duo MRI creates graceful portraits of light in motion.

Cucko for Clocks: 24 Creative & Cool Modern Clock Designs

Our love affair with clocks isn't set to end soon - especially when we are really starting to play with the creative possibilities, as these 24 examples ...

100+ of the World’s Weirdest Plants and Animals

Here are over 100 of the most strange and amazing plant and animal species in the world - highlighting both the most beautiful and terrifying sides of Mother ...

24 Fantastic Future Wonders of Green Design & Technology

From floating eco-cities to sustainable skyscraper farms, modular folding origamic architecture to gigantic green super-spires, here are 24 future green ...

Art on Wheels: The Magnificent Truck Art of Pakistan

The under-appreciated, indigenous Pakistani tradition of truck painting has an extraordinary history, starting in the days of the Raj.

Organic Architecture: 12 Beautifully Curved Buildings

Organic - shapes, methods and patterns modeled after those found in living systems. These 12 examples of organic architecture showcase amazing curves.

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