Archived Articles: December, 2008

WebUrbanist: Top 10 Urbtastic Articles of 2008

2008 was a big year for Webist Media. This guide wraps up the most popular and favorite articles, roundups and galleries from throughout the entire year.

21 Radical Rugs and Must-See Modern Mat Designs

rugs and mat designs are enjoying the same creative comeback as any other item of furniture. Which of these 21 examples would floor you?

The Ultimate Banksy Art & Graffiti Image Gallery

While necessarily incomplete, this collection gathers over 100 essential pieces that tell key stories about his aims, personality and history.

7 Amazing Aquariums and Fish Tank Designs & Systems

Here's a selection of some of the coolest (and in some cases bizarre) fish tanks and aquariums for your favorite fish, from custom homes to huge pools.

Pricey Poo: World’s Most Expensive Toilets & Washrooms

Ranging from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars here's a look at some of the world's most expensive toilets.

At World’s End: 25 Post-Apocalyptic Artistic Visions

These 25 sobering examples of post-apocalyptic art serve to remind the living that what remains are more often ruins.

18 Creative Modern Baths & Sexy Shower Designs

It's Winter. Thankfully for the innovation-minded, there are a host of creative, stylish new ways to bath or shower in blessed these 18 examples ...

13 Unique Geek Home Theaters & Entertainment Centers

Home entertainment is what geeks live for: they're often at home and they love theaters, entertainment centers and insanely geeky accessories to go with them.

42 Unusual Works of Geek, Temporary & Reverse Graffiti

As graffiti and technology evolve, more and more innovative street artists are mixing media to create radical hybrids of graffiti art, design and technology.

Bright Lights, City Life: Urban Photos of the World at Night

If you thought these places were glorious during the day, wait till you see them at night with the lights on from nearby hills and other high-up viewpoints.

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