Archived Articles: March, 2009

Room Dividers: 15 Free-Standing Walls & Folding Screens

Room dividers can be works of art, too, as proven by these 15 innovative designs including modular plastic, cardboard and even walls of toilet paper.

Retrofuturistic Advertisements: Selling a Brighter Tomorrow

These 15 retrofuturistic ads showcase one of advertising's most time-tested traits: convincing the target market a better, brighter future can be theirs TODAY.

Recycled Treasures: Converting Trash Into Inspired Art

Creative artists can find beauty in any medium, including objects other people would consider garbage.

Novel Artists: Amazing & Creative Book Cover Art & Design

Creatively stunning book cover designs that use art, texture and graphics to make a strong and lasting impression.

Bloody Brilliant: 10 Blood-Themed Domestic Design Ideas

Blood is mystifying to most of us but inspiring to others. Some of these bloody designs are surreal and strange, others are downright beautiful and original.

Radical Retrofuture Rides: 12 Never-Produced Vehicles

Concept cars, dream machines and technology-packed prototypes give us hints of what the future holds. Here are 15 that have not, though they live on in our ...

Viral Self-Marketing: 15 Creative Business Card Designs

Not all business cards are boring pieces of paper. Some are awesomely creative, memorable and even intimidating.

Radical Write-Ins: WebUrbanist Fan Base Artist Showcase

Enjoy the wonderful works of the incredibly talented artists from Weburbanist's fanbase!

10 Creative Counter & Surface Material Designs & Ideas

Why settle for traditional counter and surface materials when you could have illuminated gemstones, sea grass in clear resin or bright, fun Missoni patterns?

Traveling in Time: History & Evolution of the Suitcase

From buckskin packs to steamer trunks to carbon fiber carry-ons, the story of the suitcase parallels the explosion of travel and tourism..

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