Archived Articles: August, 2009

At World’s End: 13 (More) Artistic Post-Apocalyptic Visions

The world will end some day, but will anyone be left to observe the final sunset? Here are 13 more visions of what a post-apocalyptic world might be like.

25 Hardware Hacks: Old Tech Turned into New Gadgets

Repurposed gadgets let your inner eco-geek blossom. Here are 25 hardware hacks and magnificent manipulations of e-waste repurposed to functional geeky gadgets.

Picture Perfect: Amazing Designer Plays with Perspective

Swiss artist Felice Varini's geometric painting calls into question our ideas about complex art pieces and the interaction between art and viewer.

68 of the World’s Most Bizarre And Perilous Bridges

Point A to point B via the most dangerous ways like swinging, hanging, and rope bridges, no handrail available on some: 68 of the most bizarre perilous bridges.

Brand Boogaloo: 10 Ways Brands & Buyers Adapt to Change

In today's world of information overload and soul-killing McJobs, however, brand saturation is turning marketing mantras on their heads. From debranding to ...

12 Offbeat Office Interiors & Innovative Desk Designs

Offices don't have to be drab and unimaginative, as proven by these 12 modern, playful, clever office interiors and furniture designs.

Kool Skool: 15 Examples Of Awesome Bus Mod Art

The words Bus and Boring share more than just their initial letter but that hasn't stopped an assortment of visionary artists from jazzing up this most ...

Spooks or Spooked? 10 Frightening Conspiracy Theories

Secret-societies rule the world, Elvis is still alive and working down at the Piggly-Wiggly and giant lizards are in the White House.

Prefabulous Buildings: 10 Fantastic Prefabricated Homes

From a location-independent home that looks like a spider to a cargo container that unfolds into a residence, these prefabs are ultra-portable and modern.

10 Classic Images from the Golden Age of Advertising

From the day we are born to the day we die, for every waking hour, we are bombarded with advertisements.

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