Archived Articles: October, 2009

Make it Right in New Orleans: 5 Post-Disaster Home Designs

Brad Pitt's Make it Right Foundation is in the process of building modern, green, storm-resistant homes in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward.

Global Ossuaries: 7 Creepy Wonders of the (Un)Dead World

We typically see burial places as solemn and sorrowful, but these seven amazing collections of human bones artistically remind us to embrace life every day.

All Aboard! 15 Recycled Train Car Homes, Offices & Hotels

Abandoned train cars litter the urban and country landscape. These recycled structures use the historic cars to make entirely new homes, offices and hotels.

10 Of The Most Chilling Haunted Castles In The World

Whether to support your obsession with ghouls or just for thrills and chills, here are 10 of the creepiest, most ghost-infested and haunted castles in the ...

Den of Daydreams: 8 Fantastical Make-Believe Makeovers

Bridge of the Enterprise? Super Mario in the bedroom? Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach? Here are 8 examples of homes that won't settle for anything less than a ...

Crafty Consumerism: 15 Creative Forms of Barcode Art

From tattoos and home decor to portraits of Jesus, the barcode has been elevated to art in many different forms, whether infused with meaning or not.

War & Pieces: 9 Bombed-Out But Preserved Buildings of WWII

These 9 examples of preserved buildings stand, in stark contrast to their successors, as testaments to a war that forever changed the world we live in.

Fractured Reality: Bizarre 3D Collaged Photo Sculptures

Artist Gwon Osang forms hundreds of photographs around mannequins to create bizarre three-dimensional photo sculptures.

Do it Yourself? 14 Silly (and Scary) Vehicle Modifications

From the hilariously haphazard to the creatively upcycled, these insane vehicle modifications are perfect examples of do-it-yourself gone wild.

Faux Photography: 43 Stunning Super-Realistic Works of Art

Would you believe that none of these pictures are photographs? It's true - the ten artists featured here specialize in amazingly realistic works of art.

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