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Best Modern Photos: List of 12 Top Master Photographers

Here are some of the best modern photos from new and upcoming masters of contemporary photography, from artists to advertisers and much much more.

Tilt & Whirl: 13 (More!) Amazing Buildings In Motion

Have a look at these 13 more examples of buildings in motion, whether by illusory trickery or natty mechanics, and ask yourself - are we ready for urban life ...

Paper Crafty: 12 Cardboard Artists Think Outside the Box

Cardboard transcends its humble reputation when formed into incredible sculptures, installations and architecture by these 12 artists.

Tilted In Your Favor: 13 (More!) Famous Leaning Towers

There's more to food than pizza and there's more to leaning towers than Pisa, as these 15 slanted spires show by NOT living life on the straight & narrow.

Amazing Program Turns Sketches into Photo Montages

An amazing new online tool called PhotoSketch automatically transforms a stick-figure sketch into a Photoshopped image montage in minutes.

Fly on the Wall: Wacky Dead Insect Photography Scenes

Insects often make interesting photography subjects, but these insect photos are a little different: the photographer poses the bugs in hilarious tableaus.

Doing Graffiti Online: 8 Generator & Creator Applications

Graffiti is considered art by some and vandalism by others. If you've always wanted to recreate edgy urban art, doing it online is the safe, legal way.

Fashion Photography: 16 Model & Advertising Photographers

Selling sex appeal has transformed fashion photography into an outstanding, eye-catching art form. Here are 16 fun model and advertising fashion photographers.

Starting at the End: 12 New Cities Built From Scratch

Cities take centuries to evolve - or do they? Here are 12 urban centres that offer a radical alternative to tradition - they are cities from the first day they ...

Adaptive Reuse: 15 Creative House & Home Conversions

Billboards, fire towers, pig barns and factories are converted into stunning modern homes that preserve the history of the original structures.

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