Archived Articles: November, 2009

Urbanisticated: Cool New Ways to Connect with WU Content

New features and functionality for you to get even more involved with the amazing content, readers and writers of WebUrbanist and beyond!

Powerful Prosthetics: Integrating Design and Technology

Prosthetics have been used to replace lost limbs since there have been limbs to be lost; peg legs and crutches have transformed into power suits and robot arms.

13 Bizarre Jobs: From Vomit Collectors to Worm Pickers

While you're stuck in your cubicle from 9 to 5, there are people out there getting paid to sleep, taste pet food and sniff armpits.

Handle with Care: 12 Twisted Door Knobs To Turn (You On)

Doorknobs to die for? These dozen daring twists on a traditionally utilitarian theme will unlock your perceptions of what room decor could and should be.

The Surreal & Colorful World of Artist Marco Escobedo

Digital artist Marco Escobedo creates intricate, colorful, surreal art using programs like Adobe Photoshop.

3D-Sculpted Pictures: Innovative Photography Sculptures

Sculptures and photography often go hand-in-hand, but they've never been combined like this before. Korean artist Osang Gwon has created a whole new art form.

Almost Edible? 13 Crazy Thanksgiving-Themed Case Mods

This Thanksgiving, we're thankful for insane computer case mods that put us in the holiday mood, whether they're shaped like food or just bring family to mind.

Urban Ninjas: 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips, Hacks & Ideas

Black Friday . . . are you preparing to battle the holiday shopping crowds? Brush up on your ninjas skills before you go into the battle of the urban ninjas.

Gray-Sky Thinking: 15 Uniquely Modern Umbrella Designs

From the best in pugilistic umbrella-mayhem to the sweetest way to woo a loved one, these 15 examples are guaranteed to chase the clouds away.

15 Fantastic New Futuristic Tech & Gadget Designs & Ideas

From cybernetic contact lenses to contraptions that shoot you up to rooftops in seconds, these 15 futuristic gadgets would make even Batman jealous.

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