Archived Articles: December, 2009

Down & Dirty DIY: 8 Humorous Low-Tech Hacks & Mods

We've all had to make do with whatever was available from time to time. But these ingenious hacks turn available materials into impressively useful items.

Concept Motorcycles: 20 Bad-Ass Bikes To Hope Get Built

Lean, mean and sometimes even green, concept motorcycles often make us what to head out on the highway. Here are 20 of the most bad-ass bikes to hope for in ...

Dead But Not Forgotten: 12 Incredible Creatures Gone Extinct

Animals have gone from small to huge, and back, in a cycle that left many species in the dust. Here are 12 of the most intriguing lines to hit a dead end.

Communication Art: 15 Awesome Posters About Design

A group of diverse graphic designers answer the question "what is graphic design?" the best way they know how: through graphic design.

Sound Mirrors: Before Radar, Hearing Was Believing

Sound Mirrors, Acoustic Horns and War Tubas were the only means of detecting enemy aircraft before the invention of radar - and for some time after.

Tube Art: Tiny, Magical Worlds Inside Toilet Paper Rolls

Artist Anastassia Elias creates captivating little worlds with the most mundane of materials: toilet paper rolls.

Playful Minitecture: 15 Ultra-Modern Dollhouse Designs

Dollhouses aren't just for kids, and they don't only come in the frilly Victorian variety. These modern dollhouse designs will please kids and parents alike.

Fantastic to Freaky: 40 Graffiti Merry Christmas Greetings

The debate rages on if graffiti is art or vandalism. Whether freaky or fantastic, writers spread holiday cheer with these 40 Merry Christmas graffiti greetings.

Moustache Masterpieces: 10 Sculpted Facial Hair Styles

To shave or not to shave? With these people there's no question; the real decision is how to style years worth of facial hair growth into an exotic design.

18 Super Shipping Container Schools, Youth Centers & Hotels

After seeing the success of other shipping container construction projects, schools and hotels are getting in on the money- and time-saving cargotecture method.

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