Archived Articles: January, 2010

Ghost Ships: Ten Scary Spirits Of The Seven Seas

Mysterious ghost ships with missing crews have spiced the tales of mariners for hundreds of years. Here are ten of the scariest ships you ever will "sea".

Dial4Light: Turning Street Lights On Via Mobile Phone

A groundbreaking cost-cutting, energy-saving program in Germany called Dial4Light requires pedestrians to activate street lights using their cell phones.

Comprehending Chaos: Graphic Designs for Understanding NYC

Living in NYC is confusing enough, but trying to read through government guidelines is nearly impossible. These projects clarify, enlighten and even entertain.

Going … Up? Radical & Subversive Urban Rooftop Dwellings

Urban rooftops are often neglected, but some clever homeowners are using them to their full potential: to support extended, unique, sky-high living areas.

Architectural Art: Photos of 101 Dizzying Spiral Staircases

These 101 dizzy spirals may make you smile or they may induce vertigo, but here are the most impressive, most dizzying, spiraling staircases in the world.

Monstrous Beasts: 14 Bizarre Dinosaurs and Extinct Species

There was a time when size and ferocity were the most valuable attributes for a creature to have. Here are 14 odd creatures that have called our planet home:

Stupendous Steps: 15 Great Escalator & Stair Ads

Ads in unexpected places, like escalators and stairs, can be utterly captivating when they take full advantage of the unusual medium.

Urban Red Planet: Sci Fi Visions for Human Habitats on Mars

When humankind finally sets down roots somewhere other than the planet of our birth, chilly, lifeless and distant Mars is our most likely destination.

Phantom City: App Provides Glimpse of Unbuilt NYC

An iPhone app allows users to explore the New York City that could have been if visionary architectural proposals had become reality.

Drive the Friendly Skies: History & Future of Flying Cars

Ever since the invention of the car and the airplane, dreamers have been trying to combine the two. Today, they may be closer than ever to making it a reality.

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