Archived Articles: March, 2010

37 of the Best Website Tricks & Online Easter Egg Treasures

Easter egg hunts are normally for kids, but every day can be an Easter-egg hunt for kids of any age in software, DVDs, video-games, and even works of art.

Virtually Reality: Real Futuristic Tools for Virtual Worlds

Virtual reality, like the hovercar, iis taking longer than expected to progress, but we've made some very large leaps in the right direction. Here are examples.

18 Unbelievably Realistic Works of 3D Digital Art & Design

With depth and detail down to the smallest hair or pore, these 18 3D digital images are so convincing, it's hard to believe they're not photographs.

Outstanding in Their Field: 10 Outrageous Outhouses

Outhouses... before the advent of indoor plumbing, these permanent porta-potties were a necessary evil. Here are 10 of the most outstanding survivors.

Modern Movie Poster Design + Vintage Twist by Tom Whalen

Comic book characters, Star Wars and Army of Darkness get the bold & colorful vintage poster treatment from graphic designer Tom Whalen.

Faux-ny Phone Towers: Cleverly Concealed Cellular Sites

Ever wonder how your phone's signal stays so clear even when you're not within sight of a tower? Cellular towers are really hiding in plain sight all around us.

15 High-Dollar Hacks: Steampunk Home Hacks & Vehicle Mods

Steampunk is moving closer to mainstream. Some people drop buckets of money on steampunk hacks. Here are 15 high-dollar hacks to thoroughly steampunk cars and ...

Duct Tape or Duck Tape? 11 Intricate Tape Art Designs

People always joke about the many uses of duct tape, but few take its use as a material as seriously as these diehard duct tape designers.

Photoshop Fail: 12 More Hilarious Image Editing Mistakes

Wayward arms, missing reflections and artificially inflated crowds are just a few consequences of rushed or wholly incompetent Photoshop jobs.

10 Pimped Out Pump Jacks Give The Nod To Urban Oil Art

Mechanical "nodding donkeys" are usually found grazing on oil fields but in urban settings they can look crude. So, how can I pimp your pump jack today?

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