Archived Articles: April, 2010

Amazing Architecture: 15 (More!) World’s Weirdest Buildings

Architecture shouldn't send you on a one-way-trip to snooze-ville. These designs prove that there are infinite ways to pack buildings with extra personality!

Photoshop Fail: 14 (More) Hilarious Edit Blunders and Goofs

No matter how often professional Photoshop screw-ups are pointed out to a very amused world, more keep cropping up in magazines, websites and even pizza boxes.

Geeky Temptation: 16 Slick, Sick & Stunning Workstations

With so much time spent in front a computer, your workstation becomes a big part of your life. These 16 high-tech workstations, or design concepts, enhance ...

Walk This Way: 99 Diverse ‘Walking Man’ Figures in Manhattan

He's an essential part of any urban environment, but how often do we think about the man who tells us it's safe to cross the street?

15 Flat-Pack Furniture Designs & Ideas for Saving Space

A pizza box that folds out into a desk? Flat-pack furniture is incredibly clever, saves space, cuts shipping waste and is fun to put together.

Geek Orthodox: Stained Glass Windows To The Nerd Soul

From Greek to geek, stained glass has the power to bring pleasure from pane. Today this ancient and iconic art pays homage to what geeks hold to be holy.

Mark Reigelman’s Playful & Thought-Provoking Urban Art

Flowers in a fire hydrant, a bus shelter decorated like a cozy home - Mark Reigelman's urban art installations are cheerful and unexpected.

Wow Chow: 10 Radical Restaurant, Bistro and Cafe Designs

The dining experience can be made infinitely better when enterprising designers take a space from practical to lip-smacking-good with wildly entertaining risks.

Czech Photographer’s Controversial & Subversive Art Photos

While dealing with an oppressive government and mental illness, this incredible artist created a body of work unlike any other in the world.

From Cool to Creepy: 40 Chilling Modern Day Sculptures

Sculptures are an important form of public art which have morphed significantly over the centuries. Here's 40 modern-day sculptures, ranging from cool to ...

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