Archived Articles: June, 2010

Just Your Type: Kooky, Real & Physical Typography & Fonts

A lot can be said with the font that one chooses for a project. These amazing character sets are far from the usual plain black letters we're all so used to.

Women & the Home: Vintage Ads Probably Worth Forgetting

Here are nearly 40 alternately entertaining and shocking advertising examples culled from the golden age of magazine and newspaper advertising:

Hidden Logos: 12 Creative Brand Designs with Secret Symbols

What do you see when you look at these logos - letters and seemingly random shapes? Take a closer look; hidden symbols and meanings abound.

I, Rubikcubist: 30 Twisted Works Of Rubik’s Cube Art

Rubik's Cube: meant to be solved, right? Wrong - the art of cubing takes on a different meaning under the watchword of Rubikcubism.

Livable Packing Tape Web Installation Worthy of Spiderman

It looks like the work of some fictional spider from hell, but this art installation by design collective For Use/Numen is actually made from packing tape.

Retrofuturistic: Randy Regier’s Vintage Toys of the Future

Meet Randy Regier: This Maine based artist creates amazing works in a retro style that expands on the reckless optimism and futurism of post war America.

Futuretecture: From Sea Cities to Space Colonies

What will cities look like in the future? Will we begin to colonize space? These 8 fantastical ideas might be the beginning of the architecture of the future.

The Death Penalty: 10 Brutal Historical Means of Execution

The death penalty is hotly contested, but it wasn't always so controversial. Here are 10 of the most brutal, terrifying, and violent means of execution:

Mysteries of Math: Unsolved Problems & Unexplained Patterns

What makes a math problem unsolvable? Answers with billions of digits might have something to do with it. These 12 problems and puzzles truly boggle the mind.

Attracting Stairs: 10 Extremely Elevating Escalators

These 10 extreme escalators are a step ahead in pedestrian transportation and as triumphs of civil engineering ensure nothing is "lift" behind.

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