Archived Articles: July, 2010

Pomparkour: New Urban Free Running Sport with Ladders

Is the "new sport" of pomparkour for real? The video showing insane jumps with ladders is an ad for an energy drink, but shows some interesting feats.

Serious Ink: Weaponized Pens Mightier Than Any Sword

Anything is better than a cheap plastic pen, but if someone is using one of these pens, it's astounding.

Remodeling Suburbia: Rerouting Classic, Car-Centric Design

What will the city of the future look like? These ten visions of urban life imagine spaces that are pedestrian-friendly, safer, and more inviting for all.

Paper Mache Masters: From Crafters to Professionals

Paper mache is a process used to create art that involves shaping paper and hardening it with an adhesive. Here is some of the most impressive paper mache art:

Workflow: 14 Artistic Examples of Watercolor in Web Design

Watercolor infuses a carefree sense of the organic to what can otherwise be cold and impersonal websites, whether used as an accent or for the entire design.

Nuclear Family Housing: Life In a Real Missile Silo Home

As dozens of decades-old nuclear missile silos slowly slip into disrepair and decay, a precious few are taking on new life as pre-apocalyptic family homes.

Downward Facing Wookie: Amazing Star Wars Yoga

What makes yoga more fun and interesting for several geeky generations of sci-fi film fans? Star Wars-inspired poses like Reclined Jabba and TIE Fighter.

Another Wave in the Wall: Vertical Lake Building Facade

This upcoming public art installation at the Brisbane Airport will put the soothing power of flowing water on display for harried travelers and drivers.

Cereal: Discontinued, Strange, and Awesome Brands & Boxes

Many cereal brands are too closely tied to a specific fad to remain in the big time. Here are some of the most interesting of these fallen cereals:

Super Sketchy: 15 Beautiful & Rustic Hand-Drawn Websites

There's something refreshing about the contrast between cold, hard cyberspace and the spontaneity and real-world quality of hand-drawn text and images.

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