Archived Articles: August, 2010

Robot Tattoos: Awesome Works of Mechanical Body Art

We give life to our robot visions in the most permanent means at our disposal: ink. Here are some of the most creative and well done robot tattoos around:

Retro-Futurism: 13 Failed Urban Design Ideas & Concepts

From Hitler's vision of a post-WWII-victory Berlin to 'Boozetown', a drunkard's dream city, some of these retro urban design concepts were destined to fail.

Stuck On You: Seattle’s Gum Wall Is Pretty, Gross

Seattle's Gum Wall takes the concept of sticktoitiveness to a new level - actually, 15 feet above Post Alley in the Washington city's famed Pike Place Market.

Star Power: New Perspectives on a Classic Landmark

Using unique perspectives, explorations in texture and completely unexpected colors, this photographer paints a familiar landmark in a completely new light.

Guerrilla Takeover: Activists Replace Ads with Art

Toronto activists took over illegal billboards and street advertisements, covering them with art, in an attempt to take back public space.

13 Most Weird & Wonderful Collections of Stuff on the Web

Travel isn't required to view some of the world's weirdest collections, like the Museum of Barf Bags or every airline spoon ever created - these 13 are online.

How Graffiti Can Be Even Cooler: Just Add Star Wars

Here are some of the coolest examples of Star Wars graffiti in an alley near you:

Clean Machines: 10 Wonderful Washers of the Future

Few machines have revolutionized the way we live like the household washing machine. How will we wash clothes in the future? Maybe in some of these machines...

Bus Art & Guerilla Ads: Public Transportation with Style

Buses invite artists to decorate with beautiful murals and intricate displays of skill and attention. Here is some of the best bus art, and advertising, around:

Body Art: Creations Made of Human Flesh, Blood & Bones

Forget boring art media like paint and clay - these artists use their own blood, hair, fingernail parings and even stolen human body parts in their work.

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