Archived Articles: September, 2010

Geek Tattoo Designs: Wish Your Social Life Goodbye

There's geek, and then there's hardcore, plaster your favorite operating system's logo on your right forearm geek. The latter tends to be more interesting:

Sci-Fi Concept Redux: 20 Syd Mead Inspired Vehicles

Syd Mead's sci-fi concept art has defined some of the greatest movies ever. These digital artists take inspiration from those iconic images for their concepts.

The Highest Scoring Video Game Artworks & Decorations

Nostalgic homages to old video game favorites have spread to murals and home decorations. Here are some of the highest scoring decorative video game homages:

Stairs to Nowhere: 15 Works of Surreal Staircase Sculpture

You can't take these floating modern art staircases to the next floor, but you can step back and admire them for their nonsensical beauty.

Bridges That Babble On: 15 Amazing Roman Aqueducts

Aqueducts, those most triumphal examples of Roman arched architecture, have been displaying the engineering genius of the ancients for tens of centuries.

GEOtube Building Grows its Own Lace-Like Sea Salt Skin

The constantly evolving GEOtube building is an architect of its own creation, developing a web-like skin from sea salt deposits misted on its mesh exterior.

Fluid Designs: 12 (More) Water Vehicles to Float Your Boat

From futuristic to astonishingly low-tech, these 12 boat and watercraft designs - including a flying sailboat and a pumpkin canoe - are slick and surprising.

Shock Value: Slightly Disturbing Ultra-Realistic Sculptures

Patricia Piccinini is an artist who likes to make people feel uncomfortable. Prepare to enter an intriguing world full of some incredibly realistic artistry.

Design Visions of the Future: We’re Not (Quite) There Yet

We don't have a colony on Mars or even the Moon, we don't fly to work, and we're still using combustion engines... what's the deal? Where did the future go?

Heroic Urbanism: 13 Ultra-Cool Comic Book Cities

Gotham City, Neo-Tokyo, Metropolis - what these and 10 other cities have in common is that they're just as fascinating as the superheroes that inhabit them.

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