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Well Bread: 10 Scorching Hot, Poppin’ Good Toasters

These 10 pimped-out toasters take this iconic kitchen appliance to new levels of awesomeness - one might even say they're the best things since sliced bread!

Star Wars Invades Dubai in Digital Art Series

Half-completed construction sites in Dubai provide an eerie, futuristic, surprisingly otherworldly setting for a photo series featuring some familiar ...

Criminal Contours: Crime Rates as Topographic Maps

A topographic map of San Francisco's crime rates reveals new landscape features including 'Prostitution Peak'.

Meatium as Art: Meat & Fruit Sculptures of Dimitri Tsykalov

Dimitri Tsykalov will never be accused of being uninspired with his medium, or artistic message. Here are some of his most awesome pieces:

Geekfiti: 15 (More!) Unusually Geeky Graffiti Projects

Thought graffiti was all about spray paint and unreadable letters? Geeks and nerds are taking over the streets with these hilarious tech-related pieces.

Are You a Fan of Ceiling Fans? 20 Creative Home Fixtures

Finally, companies are getting creative with fans! Here are some awesome examples of fans that will surprise and delight you:

Nightmare & Dream Designs: 12 Cities of Sci Fi & Fantasy

Some of these otherworldly cities are the products of dreams and nightmares while others are sci-fi and fantasy creations, but all of them are surreal.

Will It Blend? Stealth Architecture That Really Stands Out

These 12 supremely stealthy structures speak softly of the need to belong, yet carry a big stick when it comes to representing their 'hood.

Street Art War: Banksy vs. The Gray Ghost in New Orleans

Two years after Banksy covered New Orleans in his signature stencils, only one remains thanks to 'The Gray Ghost', a vigilante anti-graffiti activist.

Cover Up! 15 Ingenious iPad Case Designs & Custom Covers

From book-like designs that offer disguise to $1,555 designer pouches, these 15 iPad covers, cases and sleeves are slick and stylish.

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