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Art in Chains: Fine Art Sculpture Goes Heavy Metal

Chains are seldom used for a higher purpose, except in here, where artists used their imaginations and metalworking skill to come up with creative urban art.

Our Secret Selves: Identities Revealed in Pockets & Purses

What do your pockets say about you? These portraits show only the contents of pockets or purses and one hand of the owner, but they are immeasurably intimate.

Here Today, Drawn Tomorrow: 16 Future Visions of 10 Cities

What will New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and 7 other cities look like in the future? Concept art depicts them in various states of decay and splendor.

Great In The Sack: 15 Weird & Wonderful Shopping Bags

You want fun bags? Reach out & grab 'em: These 15 weird & wonderful shopping bag designs should satisfy the desires of any shopaholic or sacks addict.

Small Miseries: Eerie Ceramic Scenes Sculpted by Carole Epp

These aren't sweet little angel figurines for Grandma's mantel - they're gritty, bloody and shocking statements on global problems like war and poverty.

Portable Cities: Suitcase Architecture Made from Clothing

Cast-off clothes from cities like Vancouver and Berlin are masterfully crafted into amazing textile cityscapes in suitcases by artist Yin Xiuzhen.

Haircut Time: 25 Hair Styles That Will Blow Your Mind

I've never said anything to a hair stylist beyond "Make it shorter," so I have a true admiration for people who get truly creative with their hair.

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