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The Zeifel Tower: A Big-Time Miniature White House

A fan of small gov't? You'll love John Zeifel, who did the President one step better: he didn't just make it to the White House, he made the White House.

Totally Tron: Real-Life Designs Based on a Retro Movie Classic

While we wait patiently for the release of Tron: Legacy, these designers are putting their energy to good use and creating all sorts of Tron-inspired goodness.

Paint Us Into A Corner: 22 Visions of Celebrity Graffiti

The counter culture revels in twisting the consumerist culture, and celebrity graffiti, with all of its wackiness, finally turns those celebrity eyes on us.

Strange Skyscrapers: 14 of the World’s Weirdest Towers

From Bangkok's elephant building and robot tower to an all-wooden skyscraper built by a single man, these 14 towering structures are among the world's ...

Constructivist Manifesto: Russia’s Hammer & Sickle Canteen

Urban preservationists in Russia have set their sights on saving an icon of Soviet Constructivism: Samara's hammer & sickle shaped Maslennikov Factory Kitchen.

Puzzling 3D Digital Steam-Style Art of Kazuhiko Nakamura

Japanese artist Kazuhiko Nakamura reaches deep into the recesses in his brain for the bizarre mechanical puzzle pieces that he assembles into his digital art.

Slick Storefronts: 12 Cool & Clever Retail Facades

An amp-shaped guitar store, a topiary facade in Louis Vuitton's signature print and 10 more retail storefronts that stand out from the commercial crowd.

Evol, Street Artist: Mini Buildings With Mighty Details

Evol is a Berlin based artist who is his own kind of urban planner. Like Russian dolls, Evol's creations are a city within the city:

Parkour for Lazies: The Bizarre British Lying Down Game

So you've always wanted to participate in an internet meme but you're just too lazy? The Lying Down Game is the perfect answer: it's Parkour for lazy people.

Big Marketing: 16 Creative Billboards Worth Advertising

The old fashioned billboard is plastered with text and ugly graphics, but there are pioneers who are pushing the limits of a once conservative business.

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