Archived Articles: December, 2010

A Room for London: Cloud-Shaped Temporary Rooftop Hotel

Floating like a cloud between the ground and the sky, this ephemeral rooftop hotel was designed to perch atop the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London in 2012.

Don Kenn: Sticking It To The Art World with Inky Monsters

Don Kenn's Post It note art envisions a world of monsters and eerie creatures, but it's also populated with the innocence of children.

Stop, Look and Love: 8 Redesigns of Classic Traffic Lights

The instantly-recognizable traffic light has been a standard sight on streets around the world for generations, but these designs aim to improve on a classic.

Strange Decor: 35 Bizarre & Creepy Christmas Tree Ornaments

When people mess with holiday themes, they win some, and they lose a lot. Some Christmas ornaments go beyond tacky, and into the strange and bizarre.

Digital Decor: 12 Geeky Computer-Inspired Home Designs

From the moment guests arrive at your doorstep, they'll know just how geeky you are with these 12 fun computer-inspired home decor designs.

Blizzard Wizards: 10 Cool Cutting Edge Snow Plows

These 10 cool cutting edge snow plows are a triumph of basic technology against the forces of nature, so clear the way... or better yet, let THEM do it for you!

13 Funny & Ridiculous Vintage Christmas Advertisements

Back in the 1950's, things were different: it was considered appropriate for Santa to hawk cigarettes and kids to pine for guns.

13 Scary Sky-High Platforms & Observation Decks

A glass balcony on the Willis Tower, a vertigo-inducing overlook in Norway and 11 other towering platforms and observation decks offer views unlike any other.

Kate Macdowell Porcelain: Explorations of Humans and Nature

Kate Macdowell creates stunning porcelain that is aesthetically beautiful, but also full of depth, as her pieces explore the interaction of humanity and nature.

True Transformers: Normal Cars Turned Monstrous

Car modifications are sometimes awesome, often horrible, and always expensive. The best are horribly expensive, and awesome enough to take your breath away.

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