Archived Articles: January, 2011

Unique Boutique: 13 of Japan’s Most Strangely Stylish Hotels

Whether you're looking to rent a bizarrely themed room by the hour or enjoy a relaxing stay at a traditional ryokan, Japan's got an eye-popping hotel for you.

Steeped In Tradition: 10 Wild & Woolly Tea Cozies

Even quintessentially British tea cozies have their radical fringe. These 10 extreme tea cozies show what happens when natty knitters think outside the bag.

Stunning Black and White Street Art Illustrations by Phlegm

Comic book artist and muralist Phlegm makes the streets of England look like pages from an illustrated book, telling a story with giant black-and-white images.

Concrete House on Stilts in Austria Has a Surprising Interior

The exterior is a rectangular box made of heavy concrete balanced on stilts, but step inside and you'll see an unexpectedly amorphous all-white interior.

Vhils Murals Scratch More Than Just The Surface

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, has become famous for his stunning murals, created by scratching away what's already there, rather than adding additional material.

Stepping Out: 10 Stupendous Indoor Architectural Slides

All around the world, slides are coming in from the playground and taking up residence in homes, offices and even art museums, adding some fun to everyday life.

Smallest & Smaller: 22 Miniatures, Because Big Gets Boring

Everyone always says bigger is getter, but when big gets boring, these are the awesome miniature inventions you need to see.

Guerrilla to Genius: 300+ Creative Advertising Campaigns

More than 200 innovative and inspired ads that are guaranteed to get attention. These traditional and guerrilla advertisements are sure to be remembered.

Suspended Staircases: 18 Hanging Stair & Tread Sets

These 18 staircases seem to hover in mid-air with no visible support, hanging from hidden brackets, impossibly thin poles, bird nest-like cages or walls of ...

Rocket Signs: Space Race Monuments Of The USA & USSR

These 10 Space Race monuments document the milestones achieved by the USA and the USSR that led to one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.

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