Archived Articles: February, 2011

12 Fun & Funky France Hotels, from Paris to Bordeaux

Fresh, creative and sometimes strange, these 12 hotels in France - including a hamster-themed getaway with a working man-sized wheel - are fun and unexpected.

Antlers Away! Toronto’s Vanishing Urban Moose Sculptures

A decade ago, 326 fiberglass moose were unleashed upon 'Toronto the Good'. Delightfully decorated by local artists, only a few dozen remain standing today.

Harmony at the Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid

With a design inspired by two boulders on the bank of the Pearl River, the newly opened Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid is a glittering addition to the ...

Skin Deep: 19 Epic + Creative Computer Case Mods

These 19 awesome case mods take the mundane computer case and turn it into something totally creative and full of personality.

Guido Mocafico: Remarkably Moving Still Life Photography

Guido Mocafico's subject matter is varied, but the style remains the same: visually stunning and beautifully composed photographic still lifes.

Then & Now: The Stunning Speed of Urban Development

Cities can sprout from a swath of desert to a bustling metropolis in the blink of an eye - just look at these before and after images of Dubai, Shenzhen & more.

High 5 Stars: Checking Out The World’s 10 Tallest Hotels

High cost of travel getting you down? Check in to one of the world's 10 tallest hotels and you'll find things are looking up... WAY up!

Cargotecture: 13 Massive Container Architecture Projects

These 13 huge architectural projects made mostly from reclaimed cargo containers show just how useful the modular units can be for hotels, housing and more.

Bronze Sculpture: Traveling With Bruno Catalano

Bruce Catalano is an international sculptor who has fun giving you only part of the picture. His skills with bronze are legendary.

Art in the Shadows: Documenting Temporary Urban Sights

Shadows are the most fleeting parts of the urban landscape, but some artists use various methods to make the shadows last just a little longer.

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