Archived Articles: March, 2011

History’s Hooligans: 3 Bad Boys Driving Up Museum Visits

History has earned a bad reputation of being boring. These three bad boys of the past are here to show you just how hardcore history really is.

New View of Vincent: Tilt-Shift Perspective on Masterpieces

Tilt-shift photography techniques are often used to give a unique look to landscape photos, but these altered images started out with Van Gogh paintings.

Bigger & Better: The World’s Largest Record-Setting [Blank]

Bigger is better! The time, effort, and expense that goes into something as banal and fantastic as a pencil that has to be moved by a crane is incredible.

Spaces That Shine: Steel & Copper in Interior Design

Metals like copper, steel, tin and aluminum bring a modern industrial edge when incorporated into interior design by way of stairs, fireplaces & fountains.

Viva Viagra! The ‘Little Blue Pill’ Turns Teenager

Happy Birthday, Viagra! Approved by the FDA on this day in 1998, the Little Blue Pill is now officially a teenager. Here's its sexy story in words and pictures.

Iconographic Architecture: The Unique Style of MVRDV

Rotterdam's MVRDV, a team of 50 architects, has a sustainable vision for the future with stunning distinctive designs that seek to make cities more livable.

Art Unlocked: Greenwich Village’s Amazing Folk Art Building

A certain locksmith shop in New York has been transformed into an incredible work of art with the use of thousands of keys and the owner's creativity.

Design, Uncorked: 34 Innovative Wine Racks and Cellars

Thankfully, wine racks and cellars have evolved a lot over time, as a wine is only as good as the conditions in which it's stored.

Bella Italia: 15 Stylish Hotels from Venice to Sicily

From the Italian alps all the way down to Sicily, these 15 hotels and resorts offer stylish, modern, fashion-forward lodging options in all price ranges.

Old Sparky: The Shocking History Of The Electric Chair

This look at execution by electrocution focuses on Old Sparky – the electric chair used exclusively by the United States and its dependencies since 1890.

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