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Stylish Skyways: 13 Boldly Futuristic Bridge Concepts

These 13 bridges aren't just a way to get across a river or valley - they're futuristic wonders filled with activity and unusual functions.

Hair Today: Turkey’s Bizarre Subterranean Hair Museum

Cappadocia's cave homes have made it famous, but there is another, less well-known attraction there: a weird museum with 16,000 samples of human hair.

Back to the Future: Timeless Photography of Past and Present

Jason Powell, Sergey Larenkov, and Irina Werning are amazing photographers who have made the connection from past to present clear through their photography

16 Simply Stunning All-Black Packaging Designs

Bold and dramatic, these 16 products use black packaging to make a statement and stand out from all of those busy, brightly-colored competitors.

Life-Size Monopoly House: The Art Of Green Architecture

If life's a game, you're gonna need some bigger playing pieces. Artist An Te Liu did just that by modifying a condemned home into a giant green Monopoly House.

Postcards from the Future: London After Climate Change

Some of London's most iconic landmarks, from Buckingham Palace to Piccadilly Circus, are dramatically transformed by climate change in this digital art series.

Converted Car Furniture: Rev Up Your Couch

Convert that hunk of junk sitting in the driveway into a gleaming piece of furniture, and enjoy the ride every time the television is turned on.

Hidden Inner Beauty of Abandoned Hospitals & Theaters

Abandoned buildings hold a compelling inner beauty that most of us never get to see. This photographer opens the doors and shows us the secrets hidden inside.

Dominoes Competitions: Knocking Over A Line of World Records

Legions of Dominoes fans create incredibly sophisticated (and temporary) works of art by knocking them down, and breaking world records the whole time.

Literary Love: 12 Works of Book Art & Architecture

These 12 sculptures, paintings, installations and even entire buildings take discarded books and give them new meaning and value.

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