Archived Articles: April, 2011

Wild Rides: 12 Theme Park & Coaster Concepts

Some are destined to remain unbuilt and others will open any day, but all 12 of these theme park and roller coaster concepts offer thrills - and cool artwork.

True Colors: Compressed Movie Prints Show Film Moods

You know every scene of your favorite movies - but these works of art transform those movies into compelling single images.

Confetti + Walls + Tape = Sticky Spray-Paint Alternative

What is infinitely more fun than spray-painting a wall? Throwing confetti, of course! This fun art exhibit lets spectators participate in the graffiti creation.

Scary Scaffolding: 24 Dangerous Construction Sites

Scaffolding has strict safety guidelines... but the rules aren't always followed. Here are 24 construction sites that you don't want to be working on.

Top Secret Tiny Tech: 11 of the Stealthiest Spy Gadgets

From surprisingly sophisticated and inexpensive spy tech freely available to the public to complex CIA gadgets, these 12 devices will have you feeling paranoid.

Soviet Yum-Yum: Russia’s Red October Chocolate Factory

Moscow's iconic red brick, riverside Red October Chocolate Factory has been tantalizing taste buds and giving Russians sugar rushes for nearly 150 years.

Water Villas: 3 Sleek Modern House Boats in Urban Settings

Urban house boats are the best of both worlds, providing a private getaway with views of the water yet docked just steps from the excitement of the city.

Before I Die: Lively Interactive Street Art Stencil Project

This incredibly moving interactive public art installation in New Orleans asked people to share what they most wanted to accomplish in their lifetimes.

The Coolest 9 to 5’s: 8 Offices that Blow Your Mind

Some of the coolest companies have expanded their boundaries beyond the typical soul-sucking office setup and created truly wonderful places to work.

Singularly Singapore: 13 Hip, Chic & Relaxing Hotels

These 13 hotels represent some of the coolest, most design-oriented lodgings in Singapore, from hip urban hotels to rainforest resorts.

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