Archived Articles: May, 2011

Waterfront Wonders: 8 Great Modern Island + Ocean Homes

With stunning views of lakes, rivers and beaches, these eight modernist homes are a perfect match for their gorgeous waterfront settings.

Creative Cartography: 15 Artists Transforming Maps

These 15 artists cut, sculpt and rearrange paper maps, create their own from unexpected materials like money or use them to illustrate interesting data.

Bronze Aged: Cornwall’s Scenic Abandoned Metal Mines

Cornish mines supplied the world with copper and tin for millennia but today, abandoned stone engine houses are all that remains of a once-thriving industry.

Modern Metro: 14 of the World’s Coolest Subway Stations

These 14 subway stations aren't dark and dank, they're bright and modern, filled with murals, chandeliers, colorful accents and unexpected materials.

Hidden Creativity: QR Code Portrait Hides Double Meaning

This portrait consisting of QR codes is impressive in its own right, but it is even more so when you consider that it has a second layer of hidden meaning.

City of Sounds: Scale Model Plays Urban Soundtrack

Every city has its own unique sound, but until now those sounds have been less than musical. This unique project turns the city itself into an instrument.

Hyper Realism in Art: These Are Not Photographs!

Hyper realism in art is mesmerizing. Take a photo in one hand and then take a look at one of these artists' oddly perfect paintings and prepare to be shocked.

14 (More!) Masters of Incredibly Intricate Cut Paper Art

Cutting, scoring, folding and gluing, these 14 masters of paper art transform their delicate medium into collages, sculptures, illustrations and installations.

Living In A Box: China’s Shipping Container Apartments

Got low expectations and an income to match? China's booming cities are converting surplus cargo containers into cheap apartments for tenants just like you!

Spiraling Tower of Babel Made of Books in Buenos Aires

A 7-story spiraling 'Tower of Babel' in downtown Buenos Aires is made of 30,000 donated books in all languages.

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