Archived Articles: June, 2011

A Smashing Idea: Fight Club Lets You Kill Your TV

Wealthy people on the East coast of the US have a new way to blow off some steam. They can buy entry into an exclusive club where the focus is destruction.

Lilliputian Library: 4500 Miniature Books Form Huge Collection

Peek into the astonishing collection of a miniature book enthusiast who may have the littlest huge library in the entire world.

Natural Born Tattoos: 35 Fierce Nature Images In Ink

What better way to show off your harmony with nature than proudly displaying a tattoo with a gorgeous landscape, or fierce growling animal?

Art That Speaks Volumes: 12 More Book Artists

Unwanted books are turned into amazing works of art, from small sculptures to installations that take up entire rooms, by these 12 paper artists.

Please Don’t Stair: Dozen Spooky Sets of Steps to Nowhere

Step up, people! The builders of these 12 strange stairs never arrived at a landing, leaving us to wonder where the odd orphaned staircases were meant to lead.

Crystal Castles: 15 Glittering Glass Buildings

These 15 buildings use glass in dazzling and unusual ways, from jagged faceted facades and open offices to homes that consist of transparent glass cubes.

Faces of Deception: Surreal Set of Rearranged Selves

Can you always trust your senses to tell you the truth? This strange set of photos shows us that we're the same no matter what mask we show to the world.

Monster Mash: 8 Giant, Earth-Shaking, Prehistoric Beasts

The coolest extinct animals are now the most mundane. A giant rodent the size of a small car is much more exciting than the one scurrying on the subway track.

Brew with a View: 13 of the World’s Coolest Rooftop Bars

Gaze at some of the world's most iconic skylines while enjoying a premium cocktail, a tasty canape or a film at these 13 rooftop bars, restaurants and cinemas.

Inspiring Spires: A Celebration Of The Kuwait Towers

Join us as we celebrate Kuwait's most famous architectural monuments, the Kuwait Towers, on the 50th anniversary of the oil-producing nation's independence.

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