Archived Articles: July, 2011

Ladies In Red: Osaka’s Street Statues Dressed To Excess

Bronze statues on Osaka's “Midosuji Sculpture Street” were recently outfitted in a variety of fashionable red dresses by an anonymous (but artistic) ...

(Post)Modern Monuments: 20 Worthy Architectural Memorials

These architectural monuments pay tribute to a variety of subjects, conveying emotion with abstract and creative three-dimensional objects and spaces.

Chalkboarding: Applied Art of White & Black Typography

A Brooklyn-based artist applies her outstanding typography skills to ephemeral chalkboard creations that bring to mind the lost art of intricate sign painting.

Pie in the Sky? Not in Dubai! 8 Mind-Blowing Projects

Lavish wealth and a willing-to-do-anything attitude has brought fame to Dubai. With these awesome projects in the works, Dubai's fame is well-deserved.

More Money, More Art: 32 Currency Creations

These artists don't work for cash, they work WITH cash, creating sculptures, collages, furniture and even stop-motion animation using coins and paper money.

Open Wide: 10 Jaw-Dropping Dental Office Concepts

Can't handle the tooth? These 10 jaw-droppingly innovative dental office design concepts help put patients at ease when it's time for the big freeze.

Mind Your Step: Dizzying 3D Street Art Mural [Pics & Vids]

Pedestrians seem to hover over a terrifying geometric sinkhole as they walk across the street art exhibit 'Mind Your Step' in Stockholm, by Erik Johansson.

Pop-Cultured Currency: Art of Defaced US Dollars

American currency is transformed into small and stunning works of art with nothing more than ink, an artist's incredible skill and a healthy sense of humor.

Out Of This World! 33 Tattoos From Another Planet

Some of the coolest tattoos concentrate on the wonder of the cosmos, rockets, and ray guns.

Move Over, Sistine? 15 Stunning Modern Ceiling Designs

Maybe no modern ceiling will ever be as amazing as the Sistine Chapel, but these 15 designs, no more than a century old, dazzle - even when made out of bugs.

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