Archived Articles: August, 2011

Take a Seat for Two: 31 Wild & Wacky Sofas & Couches

Check out these fantastical couches that turn any living room into a major topic of conversation.

Dark & Dramatic Design: 16 Bold Black Room Interiors

These interiors show the many ways black can be incorporated into a home or office, from dramatic matte rooms to bold accent walls.

Windbreakers: Bangladesh Cyclone Shelter Architecture

Cyclone shelters have given hope to the people of Bangladesh, saving lives during storms and doing double duty as schools and community centers in fair weather.

Reflections on Nature: Mirrored Gate Leads to Another World

Step through the looking glass and into an understated art project that turns a simple passageway into a lighthearted journey back to childhood wonder.

Reading Revolution: 14 Marvelous Modern Urban Libraries

More than just buildings filled with books, these 14 beautiful modern libraries are cultural landmarks and places to explore new media of all kinds.

Graffiti Umbrella: Tip Lets You Draw on Walls & Sidewalks

You could take a rainy day and make it warm and fun with this playful umbrella design. It uses rainwater to create temporary sidewalk graffiti.

Stop Wine-ing! 25 Popping Examples of Cork Art & Design

It's easy to get a collection of corks piled on the kitchen counter, but it's not that easy to figure out what to actually do with them. Here are some ideas!

Bountiful Books: 13 Incredibly Intricate Historic Libraries

All the beauty of historic churches, but filled to the ceiling with books: these 13 libraries from Iowa to Prague dazzle with classic architectural details.

Reel Cold Comfort: 10 Creative Ice Fishing Hut Designs

Need a hut that really kicks butt? These 10 odd ice fishing shelters add a little (sometimes a lot) of creativity to the oft-monotonous sport of ice fishing.

Paper Art Landscapes: Lace-Like 2D Wall Architecture

Paper artist Laura Cooperman creates delicate, intricate landscapes inspired by the architecture she has seen in her travels to places like Beijing.

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