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Microcosmic Art: Famous Paintings from Tiny Drawings

These famous recreations - and impressive originals - hide a tiny secret: they are composed of thousands of other minuscule works of art.

Astronaut Suicides: Darkly Humorous End-of-Era Reflections

Photographer Neil Dacosta depicts out of work astronauts, with no prospect of manned missions in the future, facing their termination with a grim literality.

Totally Typography: 18 Textual Packaging Designs

Forget fancy graphics, illustrations and photos - these 18 packaging designs use the beauty of typography alone to stand out on the shelf.

Knit Wit: More Of Olek’s Amazing Crochet Art

When it comes to knit graffiti, yarn bombing or urban knitting, NYC-based artist and crochet queen Agata Oleksiak (known as Olek) has got it all sewn up!

Designed for Drama: 13 Fresh New Modern Theaters

These 13 modern theater designs include a new take on the Roman Colosseum, a recycled pop-up theater in London and an abstract wooden state in Estonia.

Hidden Worlds: What Goes on Behind Your Favorite Webpages

It is not often that we get a peek into the behind-the-scenes world of our favorite websites. These pictures give us a peek into what happens on the other side.

24 Vehicles with Legs to Stroll Through Your Imagination

When the wheel was invented, most of society threw its hands up and said "this is it!" Not all inventors were so narrow-minded.

Pop-Up Punch: 15 3-D Books Adults Will Love

Three-dimensional prehistoric beasts, marvels of modern architecture, terrifying phobias and Darth Vader come to life in these 15 pop-up books for adults.

Spider Bug! 15 Spooky VW Beetle Car Art Sculptures

These 15 spooky spider bugs are each as big as a VW Beetle, which makes perfect sense 'cause that's what they're made from... along with your worst nightmares.

Rural Underground: City Pops Up Beneath a German Field

Under a quiet field in Hamburg, Germany, a tiny city has appeared. Its temporary existence is thanks to a street artist who is turning his talents underground.

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