Archived Articles: August, 2011 | Page 3

Wavy WasteLandscape Installation Made of 65,000 CDs

A surreal landscape in Paris, installed in a former funeral home, is made of 65,000 shimmering discarded CDs in an artistic statement about waste.

Good Vibrations: Musical Instrument Made of Everyday Items

Musical instruments come in all shapes and sizes. This impressive creation was made using normal objects like buckets and string, but it sounds amazing.

Digging for Secrets: Arty Sandbox Holds Hidden Treasures

This highly unusual sandbox has a hidden layer that contains the secrets gathered from various curious diggers.

Culture Jamming: New Subversive Signs of Our Times

Some homegrown artists and culture jammers decided to mix up the morning commute by adding some spice to an otherwise dull landscape.

Futuristic Fantasy Hotels: 14 Wild Concept Designs & Ideas

Someday, a few of these wild and wacky hotel designs may become reality - likely in Dubai - but most of these futuristic hotel concepts will remain fantasies.

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