Archived Articles: September, 2011

Ephemeral Entertainment: 13 Temporary Pavilions & Venues

Temporary event venues needn't be boring white tents, as these 13 incredibly creative and often eco-friendly examples prove with exciting, innovative design.

Urban Reuse Goes Underground: Subterranean Community Park

A long-abandoned underground space may soon be turned into a subterranean version of the High Line park, complete with high-tech sunlight harvesting.

Nontraditional Wedding Cakes For The Creative Couple

Wedding cakes are the ultimate showpiece for any skilled baker, and their real test comes when they have to handle a truly creative request.

Radical Rings: 31 One-of-a-Kind Ring Designs & Ideas

Belly buttons, cacti, crayons, projectors, pimples, pillows and highly intricate sculptures are the focus of these 31 highly unusual and artistic ring designs.

Anti-Zombie Fortress: Japan’s Abandoned Shime Tower

Zombie Apocalypse? Bring it on! I'll be safe and sound above the fray in the partially moss-covered concrete winding tower at Japan's abandoned Shime coal mine.

Down to the Letters: Amusing Animated Helvetica Alphabet

Unusual fonts and fun typefaces are fantastic enough, but when you combine unusual typefaces with stop-motion animation you've got something really special.

Not Just Jail: 12 Modern, Futuristic & Fascinating Prisons

These 12 correctional facilities deviate from the norm with unusual designs, often aiming to revolutionize the way in which inmates interact with the world.

RGB Art: Incredible Mural Shifts as Lighting Colors Change

Can four distinct works of art occupy the same physical space? They do here as differently colored lights bring out dramatically different aspects of one piece.

Whatever Floats Your Boat: 29 Wild Watercraft

Boats are boring, right? Wrong. Here are 29 reasons why.

Horror Prisons: Top 13 Most Terrifying Fictional Facilities

The scariest prisons in the world involve mental manipulation, monsters and cannibalism - and they're impossible to escape. Luckily these ones are fictional.

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