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Image Nation: 50 Nifty Forced Perspective Photographs

This new group of forced perspective images explores the many ways creative cameramen (and camera-women) add a little “faux” to their photography.

Bridges to Go: 12 Temporary, Movable and Mobile Structures

Uncurling from a ball, deploying from a vehicle at the touch of a button, dropping beneath the surface of the water - these bridges move in unexpected ways.

Trippy Graffiti Project Pairs Street Art and Photography

What would you think if the city started photographing you? No, not with CCTV, but with graffiti. This fun project appears to do just that.

Blast Off! Art & Design of 36 Retro Sci Fi Book Covers

Science fiction book covers are the most wildly decorated on the shelf. Here's a look at retro and pulp science fiction book covers that exemplify sci fi.

Painting with Light: 15 Long-Exposure Light Art Photos

Luminous graffiti, eerie drawings, streaks of light, raining sparks - all of these effects and more are possible by moving a light source around in a scene.

Buzz Cool: 10 Shockingly Creative Multi-Plug Power Strips

These 10 creative power strip concepts pick up where bland & boring store-bought outlet bars leave off, adding a cooler buzz to increasingly plugged-in lives.

Concrete Islands? An Incredible Vision for Venice

Venice is sinking, but who cares? Residents and visitors can watch it all go down from bowl-shaped concrete islands that host concerts, parties and other ...

Holy Water! 24 Amazing Aquariums and Clever Fish Tanks

True aquarium aficionados know a beautifully designed fish tank can be like a work of living art. Here are 24 of the wildest examples.

18 Examples of Amazing Long-Exposure Photography

Ordinary landscapes suddenly become mystical and eerie when the camera shutter is left open for a long exposure photo, as in these 18 incredible examples.

Stored Potential: The Art Of Omaha’s Grain Elevators

The Stored Potential project offers American artists some towering exposure on the sides of an enormous, vacant Omaha grain elevator. Prepare to be a-maized!

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