Archived Articles: November, 2011

Shh! Secret Gadget That Operates With the Tilt of a Book

Don't tell anyone, but that copy of "The Shining" on the shelf might not be what it appears. Pull on it and see what changes in the surrounding room...

Playfully Serious: Interactive Sculpture With Killer Curves

If this winding, looping roller coaster looks out of place in the picturesque German countryside, it may be because not everything is as it seems.

Holiday Giants! 31 Hugely Out Of Control Decorations

The holidays are nigh! The decoration pros have already spent the last 6 months carefully constructing 60 foot-high Santa Claus' to grace their front yard.

Let There Be Light: 14 Illuminating Art Installations

Fourteen artists craft fluorescent tubes, LEDs and other sources of light into stunning art installations that really shine.

Road Work: 10 Pointed Examples of Traffic Cone Art

When it comes to utility in the service of street safety, orange traffic cones stand alone... except when they stand together and the result is called Art.

Norway Mountain Cabin Roof Doubles as a Ski Slope

The architecture firm Fantastic Norway designs a very remote mountain getaway cabin that's sloped to allow winter sports on top, like skiing and sledding.

Not ‘Shopped: Colorfully Surreal Scenes by Sandy Skoglund

Tableaux artist Sandy Skoglund meticulously paints and arranges bizarre and surreal scenes, which seem like they can't possibly be real.

Out of the Dog House: 25 Awesome Pet Homes & Habitats

Most people treat their pets like members of the family, but when they are REALLY treated as members of the family things can get pretty wild.

Occupy the Art World: 21 OWS-Inspired Designs & Graphics

The Occupy Wall Street movement has inspired a vast collection of art and design including posters, projections, sculpture, puppets and scenes made with LEGOs.

Global Warning: The Arctic’s Abandoned DEW Line Stations

High above the Arctic Circle, the mid-1950s vintage remains of the DEW Line sit preserved by some of the coldest temperatures found outside Antarctica.

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