Archived Articles: December, 2011

RedBall Project Takes Interactive Urban Art on Tour

A huge inflatable red ball travels around the world, showing up in cities like Toronto and Abu Dhabi, squeezed into entryways and hovering above the street.

Captured Live: ‘Trapped People’ Street Art Project

Brooklyn-based artist Dan Witz shocks passersby with ultra-realistic painted images of people trapped behind grates in urban buildings.

The World is Watching: Urban Intervention Goes Ocular

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? In one German town, the city itself is watching and waiting to cause a few smiles.

A Moveable Feast: 14 Mobile & Pop-Up Restaurants

These mobile and temporary pop-up restaurants, cafes and bars won't stay in your area long enough for you to get bored with them, so enjoy them while you can.

McArchitecture: 10 Sizzlingly Odd McDonald’s Restaurants

I'm livin' it! These 10 sizzlingly odd McDonald's restaurants show that when it comes to architectural innovation, there's life in the old grill yet.

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Lisbon Lights Up with Modern Christmas Decorations

The city of Lisbon, Portugal got creative in the face of budget issues this year with an annual Christmas light display that's as festive as ever.

Copycats & Clones: 24 Near-Identical Architectural Designs

Whether it's intentional or coincidental, some structures bear a striking resemblance to other buildings and interiors that were created before them.

Literary Landscapes: Carved Books by Guy Laramee

Encyclopedias in English and Chinese are eroded into landscapes by artist Guy Laramee, in a narrative about a dystopian vision of the 23rd century.

Curiouser & Cursor: Handmade QR Codes Pop Up in NYC

Bridging the often-strange gap between analog and digital communication, the Curiosity Project brought a bit of whimsy to the streets of New York.

Brain-Eating Groomsmen & 27 Other Creative Wedding Photos

When a photographer helps the soon-to-be married couple take their photography in a fun and unique direction, the process becomes a whole lot cooler.

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