Archived Articles: January, 2012

Re-Faced: 24 Poke-Worthy Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook's new Timeline caused a landslide of creativity, as all the artsy types and tech-inclined began to push this new playground to its creative limits.

City-Shaped Design: 13 Urban-Inspired Objects

These 15 decorative and functional objects, from handkerchiefs to power strips, are inspired by skyscrapers and city streets.

Going Anti-Viral: 10 Neat Gadgets for Germaphobic Geeks

Computer viruses aren't the only infections you have to worry about if you're a geek, gamer or gadgeteer who lives in the scary, paranoid land of germaphobia.

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Frying-Pan Planets? Dirty-Dish Art Photography

Norway-based photographer Christopher Jonassen transforms dirty, scuffed frying pans into surprisingly convincing planets in a series called 'Devour'.

Billboard House: Reclaiming Sky-High Commercial Space

This billboard house concept by design team Apostrophy's turns sky-high urban advertising space into livable multi-story abodes with amazing views.

Abandoned Hollywood Theater Hidden Above NY Shop

These photos give us a glimpse of a nearly century-old abandoned theater above a grocery store in New York, in a building which is due to be demolished.

Feeling the Earth Move: Urban Sidewalk Liquid Intervention

Pedestrians in a French town were surprised to find that one day, a playful new addition to their brick walkway suddenly appeared...seemingly out of nowhere.

34 Bad Tattoos: The Awful, The Weird, and The Misspelled

In carpentry they say to measure twice and cut once. In tattooing it's "choose your tattoo artist carefully, and bring a dictionary."

Invisible Edges: 15 Death-Defying Infinity Pool Designs

The edges of these pools seem to just drop off into space, threatening to whisk swimmers off a cliff, into the sea or over the edge of a skyscraper.

Clearly Cool: 15 Amazing Glasses, Sunglasses & Frames

Now see here! The ayes may have it but now you can too, thanks to these amazing eyeglass and frame designs that cornea the market on out-of-this-world eyewear.

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