Archived Articles: March, 2012

Living Room Nightmares: 33 Horrifying Pieces of Furniture

There's no denying that this furniture is weird. Avant-garde or just downright painful, these pieces are not for the faint of couch.

A Cookbook You Can Actually Cook… And Eat

This cookbook doesn't just give you a delicious recipe, it's one of the ingredients. Sheets of pasta printed with recipes can be baked and eaten as lasagna.

Musical Coca-Cola Beatbox for the 2012 Olympics in London

The Coca-Cola Beatbox is an interactive pavilion designed for the 2012 Olympics in London that can be played like a musical instrument.

Powerhouse Ideas: 10 Futuristic Clean Power Concepts

Fossil fuels won't be around forever. Is the world prepared for alternative energy? Judging from these 10 amazing concepts, we'll be just fine.

Secrets of Self-Publishing: Exclusive Interview with Cyer Law

A 500-page novel all the way through from concept to execution, including print copies and multiple ebook formats with creative custom illustrations throughout.

Incarnate: Skull Carved from Outdated Computer Books

Artist Maskull Lasserre carves a skull from old software manuals, a snake skeleton from the handle of an axe and a child's teeth from a wooden picture frame.

MapAttack App Turns Any City into a Virtual Gameboard

The MapAttack! app for Android and iPhones turns a city, park or college campus into a virtual gameboard, conquered physically using the phone as a map.

Double Vision: 33 Examples of Multiple-Exposure Photography

When photographers intentionally capture more than one image per frame, surreal, complex layered images like these 33 eye-catching multiple exposures can ...

Pop Top Culture: 10 Giant Global Coca-Cola Cans

If things really go better with Coke and better means bigger, these 10 international giant Coca-Cola cans prove size really does matter!

Augmented Reality: Awesome 3D Hand-Held Architecture

Great architecture deserves to be seen, even if it will never be built. This revolutionary project puts visionary buildings right into the palm of your hand.

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