Hot & Cold: Color-Changing Tile Creates Transforming Spaces
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The tiles that line your bathroom might be nice to look at, but what do they actually do? The color-changing tiles from Moving Color take a regular bathroom and make it into an ever-changing work of art.

(image via: Apartment Therapy)

Moving Color’s products turn their environments into dynamic and ever-changing spaces by reacting to ambient temperatures. They start out as one color when cool, then slowly change color as they warm up.

(image via: Moving Color)

The glass tiles, made of 20-80% recycled materials, change colors in gradual steps through the color spectrum as they warm up. Whether the warmth is applied through hot water, the touch of a warm hand or simply the rising air temperature in a room, the changes result in a spectacular hypercolor display.

(image via: BrainStorm)

Although the obvious applications would seem to be wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchens – the two rooms in the home that undergo the most extreme temperature changes – the heat-sensitive tiles could be used in a multitude of applications. The manufacturer suggests using them for artful displays on walls or floors, or even as creative elements in children’s books.

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