Archived Articles: April, 2012

Underwater Dwellers Dive to Reside in New York Aqueduct

It sounds a little like the premise of some B-caliber science-fiction film: there are residents living in tunnels below the city, with a twist ...

Outside Offices: 14 Detached Work Pods, Eggs, Modules & More

These 14 modern detached offices and studios are compact, self-contained and easy to assemble, making them perfect for serene backyard work spaces.

Hot & Sticky: 15 Concept Adhesive Tape Dispensers

Roll tape! These 15 concept adhesive tape dispensers stick sometimes surprising form together with often (though not always) adequate function.

Incredibly Intricate 2.5 Ton Carved Marble Manhattan

The island of Manhattan is a fascinating place on its own, but one artist has given it new life. This marble recreation of Manhattan is full of amazing details.

Groundbreaking Street Art Smashes Up Through Sidewalks

This audacious art project is based on the Mongolian Death Worm - a creature of nightmares, spewing flesh-eating acid as it terrorizes a population.

Give Me Space! 24 Compact Innovations For More Elbow Room

As the urban landscape expands upward and outward, and space becomes an increasingly pricey commodity, stylistic compromises have to be made... or do they?

Removing Moss as Art: Reverse Graffiti Goes Subtractive

Artist Strook uses a pressure washer to remove moss from a wall in certain patterns, revealing a mural of an urban scene.

Living Infrastructure: Grow-it-Yourself Jungle Bridges

In the face of deadly flood waters, the people of Nongriat, India have a highly creative 500-year-old solution: living bridges made of rubber tree roots.

Painting Reality: Surprised Motorists Make Sudden Street Art

Ingredients: 500 liters of brightly-colored, eco-friendly, wash-away water-based paint, one elevated location with video camera and 2000 cars of unwitting ...

Fantastic Failures: 10 Wacky Failed Inventions From the Past

For one reason or another, these crazy vintage gadgets have disappeared from the collective knowledge of most of the world.

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