Asymmetrical and Acid-Yellow Storefront for Konzepp
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Walk down some steps into a nondescript alleyway in Hong Kong and you might just be shocked to find this bold, visually engaging storefront standing out in a sea of gray concrete. Hong Kong’s new concept store, Konzepp, is a fun gift and gadget shop that reflects its wares with its eye-catching modern design.

Geoff Tsui, co-founder of design firm 33WILL, created the angular yellow facade that juts out from the storefront in geometric planes. Tsui wanted to complement the store’s offerings and draw in curious passersby.

Tsui is in a position to know just how to go about doing that – he’s also the co-founder of Konzepp. The angular, acid-yellow look of the facade continues into the white retail space in the form of a geometric sales counter and slanting yellow beams.

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