Archived Articles: May, 2012

Retro-Future NYC: What New York Could Have Become

What would New York have looked like, if the futuristic visions of innovative thinkers in the late-19th to mid-20th century had become reality?

Decay in Detroit: Feral House Photos by James Griffioen

Photographer James Griffioen captures Detroit's 'Feral Houses', abandoned homes that are overtaken by trees and ivy, enhancing their sense of decay.

Urban Geodes: Crystal Street Art Hidden in Broken Spaces

Breaking open even the dullest rock may reveal amazing crystals. This street art project exposes formations in cracked concrete, broken brick and rusted pipes.

No Mere Puff Pieces: 30 Clever Cushions & Crafty Pillows

Pillows and cushions are more than just a place to lie your head. And there's no reason they have to be square and boring, as these incredible examples prove.

3Space: Sharing Vacant Spaces with the People

An organization called '3Space' in the United Kingdom matches landlords of vacant properties with groups who need to use them, free of charge.

8th World Wonder in the Works: Tunnel from Russia to USA

Back on the table after nearly a century of talk: a railway to reconnect the Far East with the Far West, enabling a Londoner to travel by rail all the way to ...

Cooking Lean: 13 Mini, Mobile, Modular & Motorized Kitchens

Designed to fit into the smallest of spaces, these 14 super-compact, ultra-efficient kitchen designs pack lots of function into a tiny footprint.

Ten More Creative Crosswalks & Zany Zebra Crossings

Crosswalks, zebra crossings and other such pedestrian right-of-ways are as much a part of modern society as bar codes, and show just as much clever variation.

Don’t Burn Rubber: Hand-Carved, Recycled-Tire Art

Used tires get a new lease on life in the talented hands of artist Wim Delvoye. These intricate hand-carved tires are surprisingly delicate.

Dive! Dive! Dive! 16 Incredible Submarine-themed Rooms

Adventuring under the sea has a classic appeal. These incredible submarine-themed rooms and decor are the perfect inspiration for a decorating adventure.

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