Towers of Trash: 5000-Foot Junk Skyscrapers to Fuel Cities
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The Germans have a dark joke about their low-water-consumption, eco-friendly toilets and cultural history, which goes something like this: you have to look at your garbage before you get to flush it away. Along similarly macabre lines, this so-called Monument to Civilization project proposes erecting giant buildings made of refuse.

Instead of burying our legacy under the Earth’s surface, these structures conceived of by (award-winning designer) Lin Yu-Ta showcase the impact of the millions of tons of trash major cities produce on an annual basis, which could reach 5,000 feet if piled high in New York City alone.

If architecture is part spectacle, then the full story is perhaps incomplete without something like this on the skyline. But beyond the aesthetic statement, decomposing trash can also create power for surrounding facilities (though in a depressing way, this in turn fuels the cycle of endless garbage creation).

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