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Metal Heads: Sculptures Made of Movable Type & Hardware

Movable type and a variety of tiny metal bits and pieces are stunningly crafted into masks and heads in this sculpture series by artist Dale Dunning.

The Candy Room: A Store Delicious Enough to Eat

The bright packaging of sweet treats stands out in this eye-catching, hand-drawn, black-and-white candy store in Melbourne by RED Design Group.

Super-Sized Urban Plant Tags Identify City-Specific Species

So ubiquitous they almost escape notice, the stuff of everyday streetscapes follows certain laws of man and nature alike.

The Fifth Facade: A Peek Inside NYC’s Hidden Rooftop World

Even for difficult-to-surprise native New Yorkers, the hidden NYC that Alex MacLean captured in his new book might be something completely new.

Mexican Venice: The Man-Made Island City of Mexcaltitán

Made centuries ago by human hands, the culturally rich island of Mexcaltitán floods during the summer, turning its streets into canals navigable only by boat.

Ghost Down: ‘The Hole’, Half-Sunken Neighborhood in NYC

Just blocks from busy Brooklyn, 'The Hole' is an abandoned neighborhood that's thirty feet below sea level, making it a flood basin reclaimed by the marsh.

Towers of Trash: 5000-Foot Junk Skyscrapers to Fuel Cities

Instead of burying our legacy under the Earth's surface, these structures showcase the impact of the millions of tons of trash major cities produce on an ...

7 Mysterious & Monumental Man-Made Wonders of America

7 of America's most amazing and mysterious attractions, from unexplained archaeological ruins to modern-day monuments with instructions for the post-apocalypse.

Con Jobs: 10 Outrageous Apple Brand Ripoffs

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then a host of eager entrepreneurs REALLY admire Apple Inc. and its visionary founder/CEO, the late Steve Jobs.

Forgotten Tributes: 25 Monumental Relics of Yugoslavia

A league of silent sentinels stand watch over the countryside in what was once known as Yugoslavia. They represent a sad but proud time in the area's history.

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