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Quantum Levitation: Floating in a 3D Magnetic Field!

Quantum physics lets us see the world in fascinating new ways. This demonstration of quantum levitation is one of the most amazing things science has to offer.

Bountiful Bento! 25 Not-So Traditional Lunches

Bento is the Japanese equivalent to the American bagged lunch, but it's also an art form in itself, and is strongly integrated into Japanese culture.

Bubbletecture: Poppable Building Made of Soap Bubbles

A Dutch architecture firm creates an interactive exhibit in which visitors raise a temporary pavilion with glass-like bubble walls from mirrored pools of soap.

Bookcase + Chair Hybrid Now with New Mini-Shelved Ottoman

For those of us not ashamed to show off our favorite volumes, what better way to both keep them handy and apparent than with furniture that blends both storage ...

Infamous Footwear: 20 Pairs of ‘Fashion Backward’ Shoes

Slip on your favorite pair of uncomfortable shoes and take a look at these bizarre examples of footwear from the mundane to the haute couture.

Mini Rube Goldberg Machine Makes Cool Travel Companion

A Dutch design studio packs an amazingly complex Rube Goldberg machine into two suitcases, two years after producing the world's largest room-sized machine.

Sub(limb)inal Criminals: Faux Legs, Arms & Heads as Art

Appearing on the streets in the most unexpected ways, faux severed limbs can be funny, disgusting or just strange - but they're always head-turning.

Migrant Skyscrapers Roll Up City Streets Inside Giant Wheels

Imagine what a truly nomadic urban society might look like, devoid of concerns of safety and ... perhaps some safety concerns or laws of physics.

Salt Sculptures: 12 Stunning Artworks by Motoi Yamamoto

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto uses salt's symoblic role in Japanese culture to create amazingly complex and emotional salt sculptures and drawings.

Crop Culture: 10 Cool & Futuristic Concept Tractors

If you think tractors are not very exciting, you've spent too much time on a collective farm and not enough on the showroom floor.

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