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Custom Textiles Put the City You Love Right in Your Hands

Everyone has a favorite place. These napkins and blankets show off the places most important to you by putting a customized map right on their surface.

Fabled Forest Retreat: Twisted Tea Tree House

Tucked behind an architecture office in Shanghai, this serene building offers books, tea and nature to calm visitors and effortlessly melt stress away.

Pinterest Clonesplosion! 18 Suspiciously Similar Sites

With its huge success, unique style, and pinboard-like user experience, Pinterest instantly inspired an incredible number of clones.

Team Eames: New Movie Shows Off Timeless Architect & Painter

Two of the 20th century's most influential designers are demystified in the documentary 'Eames - The Architect and the Painter.'

Floating Cinema Deserves a Standing (or Swaying) Ovation

A temporary floating cinema nestled in a sparkling blue Thailand lagoon for a festival provides perhaps the most scenic movie-watching experience of all time.

Structural Humorist: ‘Coffee With an Architect’ is Hilarious

Coffee with an Architect takes all kinds of approaches, from serious narratives to slapstick postcards, self-deprecating visuals and reinvented definitions.

Sublime Sounds: 10 Uniquely Stylish iPhone + iPod Speakers

The speakers or amplifier you use for your iPhone or iPod can be boring and look just like everyone else's...or they can be lovely and unique like these picks.

3D Printing Goes Giant: Print Your Own Home?!

Imagine programming a large-scale, 3D-printing robot to simply print your entire home, from top to bottom, within a matter of hours.

Into Abyss: World’s Largest Deserted Underwater Film Set

Urban explorers sneaked into the abandoned Cherokee Nuclear Power Plant where 'The Abyss' was filmed, capturing images of the set before it was demolished.

Free Universal Construction Kit Bridges Generations of Toys

LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys ... what do they have in common? They each represent a universe of constructive possibilities, but each is incompatible with ...

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