Archived Articles: June, 2012

Give It A Rest! With These 18 Weird Beds & Bedroom Designs

Here's what happens when creative types have difficulty sleeping... their bedroom set invariably gets an interesting makeover.

Celebratory Nanshan Marriage Registration Center Covered in Confetti

Urbanus architects give Chinese couples a beautiful, celebratory space set on a reflecting pool in Shenzen to have a civil ceremony.

Topographic Tomes: More Carved Books by Guy Laramee

Books are transformed into stunning landscape scenes of glaciers, mountains, lush green hills and ocean waves in sculptor Guy Laramee's new series, Guan Yin.

Dumpster Drinking! Skips Turned into Miniature Bars

Dutch designers create miniature 'trash villages' in urban locations by transforming dumpsters into bars and restaurants using discarded building materials.

Skateable Architecture: 13 Irresistibly Curvy Structures

Far from prohibiting skaters, these 13 temptingly skateable structures - from house interiors to museum rooftops - were designed with skateboarding in mind.

Watching Wisely: 7 Owl-Shaped Japanese Police Stations

Japan's police really give a hoot! These 7 Fukuro Koban put a friendly face on local policing while reminding citizens their protectors are always on watch.

Prickly Portraits: The Photobooth Triggered By Screams

Photographs are, for the most part, artificial images of people at their best. This unique photo booth shows an entirely different side of its subjects.

Sun in a Jar: Make DIY Solar Lamps Aglow with Awesome

Capturing the sun and storing up its power for a dark moment is a sweet daydream. You can make it happen for real with DIY plans to build your own Sun Jar.

Ghostly Paper Mansions & Spectral Stop-Motion Animations

These haunting paper buildings are produced simply by folding the paper - millimeter-scale differences catch and reflect light and cast illusions.

Giant Paper Flowers Bloom Inside Abbey Church in France

Sculptor Peter Gentenaar fills a stunning, vaulted-ceiling Gothic cathedral in France with over 100 of his delicate paper flower sculptures.

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