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Cloud House Elevates Organic Architecture to New Heights

An unassuming Edwardian residence in Australia gets an incredibly unexpected cloud-shaped addition perched on the edge of a sky-blue pool.

Wall Art Gone Wild: Fantastic Life-Sized Room Sketches

With some of her works it is hard to tell where the two-dimensional art ends and 3D objects begin, blending as they do into one semi-continuous surface.

Grandeur Lost: The Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit

Once a majestic city, Detroit suffered a series of tragedies in the mid-20th century that left it partially abandoned. These photos document its unique state

Pixel Pour 2.0: Digital Water Street Art Stuck in Mid-Spill

A pixelated stream of water appears to pour from a black faucet on a sidewalk in Manhattan in this urban art installation dubbed 'Pixel Pour 2.0.'

Double Agent JR: Undercover Photographer & Guerilla Artist

Photographers are the subject of a medium-old question: does their work represent reality, or create new realities? This one undoubtedly does both in fantastic ...

Underwater Wonders: 15 Subversively Submersible Gatherings

Sword swallowing, pumpkin carving, cycling and meals encased in jelly (so they don't disintegrate) are just a few of the weirdest events ever held underwater.

Soused Pacific: 15 Terrific Ceramic Vintage Tiki Mugs

We're gonna party like it's 1959! Classic ceramic mugs celebrating the South Pacific Tiki have added punch to pop culture from Waikiki to Wachee Weeki.

The Shape of Sound: New Orleans Village Made of Music

Is this shantytown in New Orleans the most musical neighborhood in the world? Every tiny shack here is a functional musical instrument.

Wake Up! 20 Insanely Creative Beds Worth Sleeping On

People spend a significant portion of their life in beds, yet they are almost always boring. I say almost always, because these beds have kicked it up a notch.

Olympic Disguise: Titanium Fish Screen Installation for London

An 820-foot-long titanium school of fish was installed in London for the summer to hide a 1970s shopping center from view of Olympic visitors.

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