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Just In Case: Refined Survival Kit with Chocolate & Liquor

Missing from most survival kits are the less-obvious but still-essential elements for preserving not just life and limb but sanity along with them.

Wear It’s At: 7 Futuristic Developments in Fashion + Clothes

As technology creeps into every facet of our lives, it is no surprise that even our clothes are becoming more high-tech by the year.

Incredible: 10 New Images of Dubai Underwater Hotel Design

A stunning new underwater hotel is planned for Dubai, complete with glass-walled guest rooms that give guests unparalleled views of marine life from their beds.

Closing the Curtain on Public Advertising – Literally

French artist The Wa installs roller blinds on public ads in the city of Toulouse, giving passersby a little more control over the urban environment.

Invisible Boxes: Camouflaged Art Goes Postal, Hits the Street

Cayetano Ferrer likes putting prints on ordinary objects and capturing everyday scenes in strange ways on videos. This new project expands his approaches.

Fire-Inspired: 14 Converted & New Lookout Tower Homes

From 15th century guard towers on the Italian coast to modern timber-framed fire towers in Montana, these 14 homes get their inspiration from high places.

Mixtape Mashup: 10 Classy Designer Cassette Tape Tributes

As a now-obsolete personal storehouse of the soundtracks of our lives, the ubiquitous custom recorded cassette tape has given it up to smartphones, iPods and ...

3 Eerie Eco-Friendly Lamps Fueled by Algae, Breath & Blood

Potential energy is all around us ... not to mention in us as well. This set of of experimental projects utilizes power from simple human exhalations to ...

3D Sell-Outs? 13 Street Ads You Can Step Into

That kid who likes to draw in the sidewalk with chalk, might grow up into an artist who gets paid mad money to illustrate awesome 3D advertisements.

Miniaturist Crafts Cardboard Streetscapes from Scraps

Street artist Evol recreates low-income housing complexes in Berlin in stunning detail on discarded cardboard and scrap metal, taken from the cities he depicts.

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