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Creative Coverage: New Roof Preserves Archaeological Ruins

A 1500-year-old abbey constantly threatened by stones falling from an abutting cliffside is now protected by a beautiful, modern suspended roof.

Swing & Nest Rests: Dynamic Duo of Outdoor Lounging

Two giant loungers, one inspired by a bird's nest and the other a hanging relaxation perch, sway gently in the summer breeze.

City Cookies: Sweet Treats Shaped like Iconic Architecture

Bake cookies in the shape of Europe's most iconic architecture with Italo Ottinetti's cookie cutter set, 'City Cookies'.

Fine Art Photographer Brings Banksy’s Street Art to Life

New Zealand native Linda Radosinska takes her photography to the streets in Exit Through the Thrift Shop, a stunning series of Banksy-inspired images.

Morbid Abandonments: 14 Deserted Morgues & Mortuaries

These 14 abandoned morgues and mortuaries drip with the death that they once contained, with bone saws and other relics of their past life still visible.

Rockin’ Chairs : 12 Concept Personal Mobility Scooters

These 12 personal mobility scooters are to aging Baby Boomers what souped-up Harleys were to Easy Rider's Wyatt & Billy, just less quick and more quiet.

This Cradle Rocks: Basket Chair is All Kinds of Cozy

This sweet rocking chair lets you escape from the busy, busy outside world and retreat into your own personal nest, lulling you to sleep with gentle movement.

Sky High, But Grounded: 16 Incredible Tree Houses

A rickety platform in the backyard is no longer a tree house. A real tree house, is a real house built around a tree. Here are some awesome examples.

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