Archived Articles: July, 2012

Grass-Covered Bridge in Amsterdam Doubles as Public Park

This proposal for a pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam doubles as a public park with wildlife, recreation, a cafe and even a sloped roof for sledding in winter.

Luxury Lounging: 13 Tantalizingly Tranquil Hammocks

Far from the usual backyard hammock, these 13 designs include indoor hammock beds, fox fur hammocks, deck hammocks and even a hammock boat.

Screen Bean Machines: 10 Classic TV and Movie MINIs

Most recently seen in the Opening Ceremonies of London's 2012 Olympic Games, the iconic Mini boasts an impressive resume of memorable TV and film appearances.

Mixed Message: Cork Lamp Doubles as Memo Post

This creative lamp is not only a functional lighting piece for the home - it also serves as a handy place to pin reminders that can't be ignored.

Giant Robot Statues: 19 Stunning Images Of Our New Overlords

If there is one thing humanity did right, it's create awe inspiring monuments: The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Gundam robot statue... wait, what?

Bridging Home: House Wedged in an Alleyway by Do Ho Suh

A tiny traditional Korean house is wedged between two more conventional buildings in Liverpool, England, in artist Do Ho Suh's installation 'Bridging Home.'

Structural Graffiti: Street Art Tags Fresh Architectural Design

Architecture and graffiti are always a bit scandalous, as architects usually want anything but graffiti on the sides of their buildings. Not so in this ...

Post-It Iterations Take Classic Notes to New Levels

The beloved Post-It Note has been a staple of office supplies for many years. These 16 new takes on the adhesive note are all designed to stick in your memory.

Golden Raindrops Rise and Fall in Singapore Airport Installation

Over a thousand copper-coated aluminum raindrops move in undulating computer-programmed patterns in an installation at the Changi Airport in Singapore.

Hacktivists Subvert Street Ads with Art & Info in Toronto

So-called 'info pillars' in Toronto that are actually covered in advertisements have been hacked and replaced with art by guerrilla collective cARTopgraphy TO.

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